Promotional Mission to the Republic of Seychelles

    Commissioner Bahame Tom Mukirya Nyanduga, the Commissioner responsible for promotional activities of the African Commission in the Republic of Seychelles is undertaking a promotional Mission to the Republic of Seychelles. This is the third promotional mission of the African Commission to Seychelles. The Mission is scheduled to take place from 2- 7 March 2009. The Commissioner is assisted by Mrs. Tosin Nguher, Legal Officer at the Secretariat of the African Commission.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, coordinated arrangements for the Mission on behalf of the government and was in contact with the Secretariat during preparation for the Mission.


    The terms of reference for the Mission are as follows:

    1. To engage the Government on the status of the domestication and implementation of its obligations in the African Charter;

    2. To follow up on the status of ratification of other regional human rights instruments;

    3. To engage other national institutions, such as the Judiciary and the Parliament, and Civil Society about the situation of human and peoples' rights in the Republic of Seychelles;

    4. To follow up on the implementation of the recommendations made by:
      (a) the Commission following the Promotion Mission undertaken in 2004;
      (b) the Concluding Observations to the Initial and cumulative State Report of the Republic of Seychelles which was tabled before the Commission during the 39 th Ordinary Session.


      Date: 02 March 2009

      Special Mechanism: Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities in Africa

      States: Central African Republic


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