Press Release on Meeting between Committee for the Prevention of Torture in Africa and Members of the United Nations Sub-committee for the Prevention of Torture

    5 September 2016, Banjul, the Islamic Republic of The Gambia

    The Secretariat of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights wishes to inform the general public that the Human Rights Implementation Centre of the University of Bristol (HRIC) organised and facilitated a Meeting between the Committee for the Prevention of Torture in Africa (‘the Committee’ or ‘CPTA’) and Members of the United Nations Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture (SPT) on 5 September 2016, in Bristol, the United Kingdom.

    The Meeting discussed the mandates and modes of operation of the two Institutions, and identified potential areas of collaboration, on the basis of short-term, mid-term and long-term initiatives.

    The Meeting brought together nine participants, including Honourable Commissioner Lawrence M. Mute, Chairperson of CPTA; Honourable Commissioner Lucy Asuagbor, Member of CPTA; Mari Amos, Member of SPT; Hans-Jörg Viktor Bannwart, Member of SPT; Armen Avetisyan, SPT Secretariat; Professor Rachel Murray and Debra Long, representing HRIC; Albab Tesfaye, ACHPR – CPTA Secretariat; and Reginald Moriah, Assistant to Commissioner Mute.

    The outcomes of the meeting will be processed at various levels, including the Secretariats of the two bodies and their other relevant organs.

    The Committee expresses its sincere gratitude to the HRIC for organising and facilitating this Meeting.  


      Date: 06 September 2016


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