28th Ordinary Session: Agenda of the 28th Ordinary Session of the ACHPR

African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights


23 October-6 November 2000 - Cotonou, Benin

1. Opening Ceremony (public session).

2. Adoption of the Agenda ( private session).

3. Organisation of work (private session).

4. Election of Vice-President (private session).

5. Designation of the Special Rapporteur on Prisons and Conditions of Detention in Africa  (private session).

6. Observers : (public session):

  1. Statements by State Delegates and guests;
  2. Co-operation between the Commission and the National Human Rights Institutions;
  3. Consideration of applications for Affiliate status;
  4. Relationship and co-operation between the Commission and NGOs;
  5. Consideration of applications for observer status.

7. Consideration of periodic Reports  (public session) :

  1. Status of submission of Periodic Reports by States Parties;
  2. Periodic Report of Egypt;
  3. Periodic Report of Bénin;
  4. Periodic Report of Namibia;
  5. Periodic Report of Ghana.

8. Promotional Activities (public session):

  1. Human Rights situation in Africa;
  2. Activity report of the Chairman and the Members of the Commission;
  3. Consideration of the report of the Special Rapporteur on Extra-judicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions;
  4. Consideration of the report of the Special Rapporteur on Prisons and Conditions of  Detention in Africa;
  5. Consideration of the report of the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Women in Africa;
  6. Situation of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Africa;
  7. Situation of people with disability;
  8. Organisation of Seminars and Conferences;
  9. Situation of Indigenous People/Communities;
  10. World Conference on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance;
  11. Situation of Human Rights Defenders in Africa.

9. Review and Newsletter of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (public session).

10. Protection Activities (private session): Consideration of Communications.

11. Administrative and financial matters (private session):

  1. Financial and administrative situatio n of the Secretariat;
  2. Construction of the Commission’s Headquarters;
  3. Participation of the Commission in certain activities of the OAU.

12. Methods of work of the Commission: Operational system of the Special Rapporteurs of the Commission, Commissioners’ approach to Promotional Activities (private session).

13. Adoption of resolutions, recommendations and decisions of the 28th Ordinary Session (private session).

14. Dates, venue and provisional Agenda for the 29th  ordinary session (private session).

15. Any other business (private session).

16. Preparation of :

  1. The Session Report;
  2. The Final Communiqué.

17. Adoption of the Session Report and the Final Communiqué (private session).

18. Reading of the Final Communiqué and Closing ceremony (public session).

19. Press Conference.



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