337: Resolution on the Extension of the Deadline for the Study on Transitional Justice in Africa - ACHPR/Res. 337(LVIII) 2016

    The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the Commission), meeting at its 58th Ordinary Session, held from 6 to 20 April 2016 in Banjul, Islamic Republic of The Gambia:

    Recalling its mandate to promote human and peoples’ rights in Africa in accordance with the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights;

    Recalling Resolution ACHPR/Res.235 (LIII) 2013 on Transitional Justice in Africa, adopted by the Commission at its 53rd Ordinary Session, mandating Commissioner Pacifique Manirakiza to prepare a study on transitional justice in Africa (the Study);

    Further recalling Resolution ACHPR/Res.278 (LV) 2014 on the extension of the deadline for the Study, adopted by its 55th Ordinary Session, extending the deadline of the study by two years and requesting the report of the Study in May 2016;

    Also Recalling Resolution ACHPR/Res.326 (LVII) 2015, appointing a new Commissioner - Commissioner Solomon Ayele Dersso as the focal person for the Study;

    Mindful of the update on the Study provided by Commissioner Dersso to this 58th Ordinary Session, and the need for him to consolidate and finalize the Study;

    Considering that the deadline fixed for conducting the Study will expire in May 2016;

    Decides to:

          i.        Extend the deadline of the Study by two (2) more years;

         ii.        Request that the report of the Study be submitted for consideration by the

    Commission in May 2018.



    Done in Banjul, Islamic Republic of The Gambia, on 20 April 2016

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