9th Ordinary Session: Agenda of the 9th Ordinary Session of the ACHPR

African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights


18-25 May 1991 - Banjul, The Gambia

1. Opening ceremony

2. Adoption of Agenda

3. Organization of work

  1. Appointment of Rapporteur
  2. Working hours

4. Adoption of the Report of the 8th Session

5. Matters arising from last session

  1. Report of the Chairman
  2. Report of the Secretary
  3. Reports of members of the Commission

6. Report of the activities of the OAU relevant to the Commission

7. Observers

8. Draft annual budget

9. Consideration of Rules of Procedure

10. Activities of the Cormicission

  1. Protective activities
  2. Promotional activities

11. Consideration of national periodic reports

12. Report of consultants on the Programme of activities

13. Any other business

14. Date, venue and agenda of the 10th session

15. Adoption of the Report of the Proceedings

16. Adoption of the Annual Report

17. Final Communique

18. Closing Ceremony