9th Ordinary Session: Final Communique

    Final Communiqué of the 9th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human Rights and Peoples

    1. The African Commission on Human Rights and Peoples' Rights held its ninth session in Lagos from 18 to 25 March under the chairmanship of Prof. U.O. Umozurike.

    2. The following members took part in the session:
    •  Ibrahim Ali Badawi El-Sheikh;
    •  Robert Habesh Kisanga;
    •  C.L.C. Mubanga Chipoya;
    •  Isaac Nguema;
    •  U.O. Umozurike;
    •  Sourahata B. S. Janneh.
    •  and Mr. N. Mutsinzi, Secretary of the Commission.
    3. The following persons attended the opening session:
    • Dr. Joseph Ajala, on behalf of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Nigeria;
    • Ambassador Judith Attah, on behalf of his Excellency the Minister of Interior Affairs of Nigeria;
    • Yusuf Nureini Marshal, Commander in Chief of the Air Force, on behalf of Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    4. In the discussion of the Commission, the following took the floor:
    •     His Excellency Mr. Gass of the Delegation of Libya;
    •     His Excellency the Ambassador of Tunisia in Lagos;
    •     Mr. Louis-Marie Mugenzi, representative of Rwanda;
    •     Mr. Christopher K. Hall, Amnesty International;
    •     Miss Rakiya Omaar, executive director of Africa Watch;
    •     Ms Wiseberg, Human Rights Internet;
    •     Nyameke M., Deputy Director of the United Nations Centre for Human Rights;
    •     Dr. Wolfgang Benedek

    5. The Commission considered, among others, the following:
    1.     Report of the 8th ordinary session of the Commission;
    2.     Issues related to the previous session;
    3.     Activity Report of the OAU interest to the Commission;
    4.     Observers;
    5.      Proposed annual budget;
    6.      Review of Rules;
    7.     Review of national progress reports;
    8.     Preliminary Report on Consultants Programme of activities.

    6. The Commission granted observer status to six organizations:
    1.     Burkinabe League of Human Rights and Peoples' Rights;
    2.     African Commission of Health Professionals and Human Rights;
    3.     Human Rights Africa;
    4.     Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law;
    5.     International Human Rights Association of American Minorities;
    6.     Constitutional Rights Project
    7. The Commission expressed serious concern about the loss of life in Mali and expressed the hope that solutions will be found quickly to end this denial of right to life.

    8. The Commission decided to hold its 10th Ordinary session of 7 to 14 December 1991 in Banjul, Gambia.

    Made in Lagos, Nigeria, March 25, 1991.



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