Burkina Faso Burkina Faso: 1st Periodic Report, 1998-2002

Periodic Report

Period Covered:1998 - 2002
Date Considered: 4 June 2004
Session Considered:35th Ordinary Session
21 May - 4 June 2004. Gambia

Concluding Observations

Adopted at 35th Ordinary Session, 21 May - 4 June 2004, Gambia.


V- Recommendations

The African Commission recommends that the Government of Burkina Faso should:

27. Continue and enhance the collaboration between the State and NGOs in order to find adequate and common answers to the problems related to human rights;

28. Continue to implement the African Charter, particularly by ensuring that the gender dimension is integrated in all its programmes, structures and related activities;

29. Ensure that measures are taken to specifically protect the rights of the child, in particular by increasing efforts in the fight against child trafficking;

30. Take, implement and monitor measures against the violation of the specific rights of women and the child in Burkina Faso;

31. Involve more NGOs and other stakeholders in the process of implementing regional and international instruments to which Burkina Faso is a party, particularly the African Charter;

32. Make the necessary arrangements for prompt ratification of regional and international instruments relating to human rights, particularly the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa;

33. Ensure, without prejudice to the quota policy introduced in favour of women, that women take a more significant part in the running of government;

34. Requests that Burkina Faso, in its next Periodic Report in May 2006 (on the 39th Ordinary Session of the African Commission), inform the African Commission of the steps it has taken to address the areas of concern, as well as how it has implemented the recommendations in this Concluding Observations.

Done in Banjul, The Gambia on 4 June 2004.

This report was submitted four years after the initial report and it seeks to present the developments in the rule of law in Burkina Faso and the new measures adopted in the area of protecting and promoting the rights provided for under the African Charter in the period from 1998 to 2002.

The Report consists of four parts:
  1. Civil and Political Rights (General framework of application of civil and political rights; Application of fundamental freedoms, rights and duties)
  2. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (General conditions for the application of economic, social and cultural rights; Promotion and protection of economic, social and cultural rights)
  3. Peoples’ Rights
  4. Duties Stipulated in the Charter
According to the government, it was drafted in line with the following basic principles:
  • Compliance with the general guidelines of the ACHPR concerning the drafting  of periodic reports, with a view to improving the legibility and understanding of such reports for all readers.
  • Consultation with various parties involved in the promotion and protection of human rights.
  • Transparency and relevance of the information concerning the general and specific framework of human rights in Burkina Faso.
From the Conclusion:
"The legal framework for the promotion, protection and defence of human rights is favourable to the expansion and enjoyment of these rights. The legal and institutional framework has recently been strengthened through the entrenchment of the process of democratisation, and with the setting up of institutions specifically charged with promoting and protecting human rights. The  main foundation for the rule of law has thus been laid.... In spite of all the efforts made, protection of human rights is not yet optimum. Whereas civil and political rights are increasingly respected, enjoyment of economic and social rights is limited. This is due to a large extent to the difficult economic situation of the country. Making them a reality is a daily undertaking on the part of all stakeholders."


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