Namibia Namibia and Botswana: Promotional Mission, 1996

Dates:26 May - 10 June 2006
Session:20th Ordinary Session
21 - 31 October 1996. Grand Bay, Mauritius
Commissioner: Emmanuel Victor Oware Dankwa

The mission took place 26th May - 10th June 1996 and was conducted by Commissioner E.V.O. Dankwa. Recommendations:


  • Constitutional Provision makes international instruments to which the State is a party part of the laws of Namibia. It would, therefore, seem that the provisions of the Charter are enforceable in the courts of Namibia.
  • In a very real sense, the enforcement and enjoyment of human rights in Namibia began only after its independence. But it must become a culture, and it takes time to achieve this goal. The impatience of the people for this end is, however, understandable. Minority rights have to be respected. Right awareness campaign should be pursued.


  • The traditions and culture of the people are responsible for the stability which Botswana has enjoyed since independence.
  • Traditionally they debated issues among themselves, holding very high freedom of expression.
  • As regards the status of women, he was of the view that they were not discriminated against socially though they were legally.


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