Nigeria Nigeria: 1st Periodic Report, 1990-1992

Periodic Report

Period Covered:1990 - 1992
Date Considered: 1 April 1993
Session Considered:11th Ordinary Session
2 - 9 March 1992. Tunis, Tunisia

The report contains an Introduction and Chapters dealing with
  • Historical background
  • Independence period to 1979
  • The judiciary
  • Human rights and the administration of justice
  • Human rights and the present administration (dealing with Active measures towards improving the human rights situation, Law reform, Human rights training programmes, the Human Rights Monitoring Unit under the Federal Ministry of Justice, mass mobilisation, transition to civil rule, promotion and protection of women's rights)
"Consecutive governments of Nigeria has reaffirmed that human rights are a fundamental policy of their administrations. The active role of Nigeria in the African Charter is a strong commitment to the policy. The indications are that human rights have a bright future in the country.
Finally, the Government of Nigeria has always remain[ed] committed to the recognition and respect of the principles of human rights and shall continue to pursue its fundamental objectives on foreign policy which is to promote African Unity as well as total political, economic, social and cultural liberation of Africa and all other forms of International co-operation for the consolidation of universal peace."


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