Tunisia Tunisia: 4th to 9th Periodic Report, 1995-2006

Periodic Report

Period Covered:1995 - 2006
Date Considered: 28 November 2007
Session Considered:42nd Ordinary Session
15 - 28 November 2007. Congo

Concluding Observations

Adopted at 42nd Ordinary Session, 15 - 28 November 2007, Congo.


IV - Recommendations

The African Commission urges the Government of Tunisia to:

26. Create an inter-ministerial team that includes all stakeholders, especially members of civil society for the purpose of preparing and writing periodic Reports;

27. Take practical measures to implement the legislative measures mentioned in the Report;

28. Take all relevant measures to ensure compliance with the right to defence;

29. Incorporate the Robben Island Guidelines into national legislation and take measures to fight against torture, inhuman and degrading punishments as well as arbitrary detentions;

30. Institute appropriate legislative measures with the view to ensuring effective abolition of the death penalty;

31. Put in place concrete measures to ensure that women gain access to and are represented at the high-ranking positions of the Tunisian Government;

32. Incorporate into Tunisian national legislation the rights of Older persons and people with disabilities;

33. Facilitate access to free medical care for as many people as possible;

34. Pursue the adult education policy and provide disaggregated statistics;

35. Provide information in the next Periodic Reports on the situation of human rights defenders in Tunisia, and more precisely on Non-Governmental Organizations which are active in Tunisia;

36. Take all the appropriate measures with the view to ensuring that the independence of the Judiciary is effective in Tunisia;

37. Take all relevant steps to determine the level of prevalence of HIV/AIDS and provide information on the results obtained at the national level;

38. Take appropriate measures for the ratification of human rights instruments that Tunisia has not yet ratified /acceded to.

39. Requests that Tunisia, in its next Periodic Report in 2009, inform the African Commission of the steps it has taken to address the areas of concern, as well as how it has implemented the recommendations in this Concluding Observations.

Done in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo on 28 November 2007.

"Tunisia, while rejecting the pre-established models in the area of politics, pursues its own efforts in guaranteeing to its citizens the full exercise of the rights provided for by the African Charter... Towards this end, a series of laws were enacted and a set of mechanisms, instruments and practical measures were put in place from 1995 aimed notably at consolidating the rule of law and the political institutions, at the strengthening of intellectual and political pluralism, the protection and promotion of human rights and the consolidation of economic, social and cultural rights."

The report describes the achievements of Tunisia in the field of human rights, according to Articles of the Charter.


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