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African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights

Cotonou Declaration on strengthening and expanding the protection of all Human Rights Defenders in Africa

. News 2017-06-29

disappearances, torture, inhuman or degrading treatment, violence and arbitrary detentions.

Several reports have documented extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances, acts of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment, violence and arrests as well as arbitrary detentions of human rights defenders in several African State

Statement of Madam Reine Alapini-Gansou, Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders in Africa

. News 2015-05-27

disappearances, summary and extra judicial executions remain reported in great numbers.

The Study Group on Freedom of Association and Assembly established by the African Commission to support the Mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders is another stepping stone which highlights the status of freedom of association and

Final Communique of the 54th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights

. News 2013-11-06

disappearances in Mali;

iii.         Resolution on Police and Human Rights in Africa;

iv.     &nbs

Press Release on the human rights situation in Cameroon

. Press Releases 2018-01-29

disappearance, arbitrary detention under deplorable conditions, prohibition of peaceful demonstrations, and constant insecurity leading to the displacement of more than 5,000 Anglophone Cameroonians to Nigeria since the beginning of the crisis without means of subsistence and access to basic necessities.

The Commission strongly condemns

Press Release on the Forced Disappearance and killing of a human rights lawyer and two others

. Press Releases 2016-07-05

disappearance and subsequent killing of Willie Kimani – a human rights lawyer, his client and the driver, in the Republic of Kenya. 

According to the information reaching the Commission, Willie Kimani, who worked as an investigator with the International Justice Mission, is believed to have been abducted together with his clie

Press Release on the Fact-Finding Mission of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights to the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

. Press Releases 2012-10-04

disappearances, kidnappings, infringements on freedom of speech, press and association, discrimination etc. brought to its attention, and allegedly committed by the authorities of the Kingdom of Morocco against the Sahrawi people living in the Occupied Territory.

Press release on the judicial harassment of Mohamed Smain, Algerian Human Rights Defender

. Press Releases 2012-04-23

disappearance of persons in Algeria in order for the truth to be known and for justice to be provided to all the victims; 

The Special Rapporteur reminds the Government of Algeria of its responsibilities in promoting and protecting human rights as stipul

Press Release on the Human Rights Situation in The Gambia

. Press Releases 2009-10-14

disappearance and/or killing  of prominent journalists Deyda Hydara and Ebrima Chief Manneh.


Enforced Disappearance of Human Rights Defenders in the Democratic Republic of Congo

. Press Releases 2007-07-12

disappearance of human rights defenders in DRC; particularly in Kivu, where in recent months a number of human rights defenders have either been allegedly harrassed, arrested, abducted, tortured or assasinated.

The Special Rapporteur urges the

World Press Freedom Day Statement

. Press Releases 2007-05-03

disappearances, arbitrary arrests and detention of journalists and media practitioners are still common in Africa. It is also appalling that some media practitioners feel the need to go into hiding for fear of reprisals.

The recent past has al

Press Release on the Panel on Enforced Disappearances in Africa: Understanding the problem and identifying solutions

. Press Releases 2019-10-23

disappearance in Libya).

This overall objective of the Panel was to enhance awareness about the issue of enforced disappearances, understand the scale of the problem in Africa, and identify possible solutions.

Press Statement of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the deteriorating human rights situation in Tanzania

. Press Releases 2019-11-22

disappearances and death under questionable circumstances of human rights activists, journalists and political opposition. The Commission is in particular alarmed by the lack of independent investigation into these reported disappearances and deaths for establishing the facts and bringing the perpetrators to justice, to prevent the emergence of a c

Press release on the forced evictions of Burundian refugees by Tanzanian authorities

. Press Releases 2020-12-16

disappearances in some refugee camps that are extremely worrying and constitute attacks on the integrity of persons and compromise the security of the camps and their surroundings.

The Special Rapporteur would like to recall that the right to

Statement on the passing of Prof Christof Heyns

. Press Releases 2021-03-29

disappearances in Africa, for the African Commission.

He made enormous contribution with no parallel for the advancement of the African human rights system through, among others,  

Press statement on the commemoration of World Press Freedom Day 03 May 2021

. Press Releases 2021-05-03

disappearance, arrest, harassment, intimidation and other human rights violations have persisted, often with impunity.

Cases such as: Kilwe Adan Farah, a freelance journalist in Somalia who was arrested and detained after he

Press Statement on the abduction of about 200 school children in Tagina, Niger State, Federal Republic of Nigeria

. Press Releases 2021-05-31

disappearance incident in 2021.

The African Commission expresses its deep concern about the rise in incidents of attacks on schools and the accompanying abduction of students from schools by non-state armed groups with dire co

Final Communique

. Session Informations 1999-05-05

disappearances, violations against women and children in countries engaged in armed conflict. The NGOs also condemned the coups d’état which took place in Niger and Comoros.

10. All the members of the Commission presented reports on their activities during the inter-session period. The Special Rapporteur on the Rights

Final Communique

. Session Informations 1999-11-15

disappearances, the victims of which violations were mainly women, children, people with disabilities and the aged in countries undergoing armed conflicts.

11. The African Commission granted observer status to the Institute for Human Rights and Development, an NGO based in Banjul, The Gambia.

12. With the exception

Final Communique

. Session Informations 2000-05-11

disappearances and other forms of violations whose victims are most often the most vulnerable strata in society: women, children, the persons with disability and the elderly.

7. Violations committed against human rights defenders, and the impunity enjoyed by

Final Communique

. Session Informations 2001-05-07

disappearances, arbitrary detentions, denial of justice, detention in inhuman conditions, cases of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, obstacles to freedom of expression, harassment of human rights defenders, vulnerability of refugees and asylum seekers and violations that vulnerable groups in society suffer including women, childre

Final Communique

. Session Informations 2001-10-27

disappearances, arbitrary detentions, denials of justice, inhuman conditions of detention, cases of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, some hindrances to the freedom of expression, harassment of certain human rights activists, the vulnerability of refugees and asylum seekers and the violation of their rights often subjected to the

Final Communiqué of the 54th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights

. Session Informations 2013-11-06

disappearances in Mali;

iii.         Resolution on Police and Human Rights in Africa;

iv.     &nbs

Final Communique

. Session Informations 2010-11-24

disappearances in a number of countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo.

19. Mrs. Forster stated that some States Parties to the African Charter have not only enacted harsh laws to suppress free expression and the press, but

Final Communiqué of the 65th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights

. Session Informations 2019-11-11


iii.   The importance of civic space/participation in the 2030 and 2063 Agendas;

Concluding Observations and Recommendations on the 4th and 5th Periodic Report of the Republic of Sudan

. Concluding Observations

disappearances and torture by the police and make public its findings.

National Security Act

12. Repeal Article 52(3) of the National Security Act 2010 that provid

Concluding Observations and Recommendations - Algeria: 3rd and 4th Periodic Report, 2001-2006

. Concluding Observations

disappearances and the payment of fair and equal compensation are not discussed in the report;

Sudan: Promotion Mission, 1996

. Mission Reports 1996-12-01

disappearance of 248 people...

  • Finally, as an African proverb states: "He who charts a path does not know that part of it is crooked" (for he looks ahead). It is those who stand by who see the crookedness. We urge the government of Sudan, therefore, to consider carefully divergent views on the new society it is trying to bu

  • NGOs statement

    . Speeches & Statements 2013-04-09

    disappearances, summary and arbitrary executions have also been reported in Angola and other countries. While acknowledging the resolution in include the issue of disappearances by the African Commission. The Forum calls on the Commission to rigorously revive its work in this area of human rights to curb the growing wave.

    Opening Statement On Behalf Of Paticipants Of The Forum Of NGOs, Mrs. Hannah Forster

    . Speeches & Statements 2015-05-08

    disappearances of human rights defenders and journalist in Angola, Cameroon and Zimbabwe. The list goes on but suffice it to say that latest wave of xenophobic attacks and killings in South Africa is among the most disturbing.

    Mumba Malila / Prisons and Conditions of Detention

    . Intersession Activity Reports 2012-02-23

    Reine Alapini-Gansou / Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders in Africa

    . Intersession Activity Reports 2012-10-18

    disappearances continues to grow at an alarming rate in Africa and is one of concern to the African Commission regarding the meaning stakeholders give to the right to life which is enshrined in the African Charter.  

    16. The mechanism of the Special

    Soyata Maiga / Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities in Africa

    . Intersession Activity Reports 2012-10-18

    disappearance of several African languages and has reduced the languages spoken by ethnic minorities. As a result, languages such as Tamazight and Khoi are under serious threat.

    62- Nonetheless, some progress has been made, particularly regarding the constitu

    Reine Alapini-Gansou / Special Rapporteur

    . Intersession Activity Reports 2013-11-07

    disappearances of civilians and men in uniform. All these situations deserve the sustained attention of the international and regional African community, indeed, prompt action on the part of the special mechanisms.  


    Reine Alapini Gansou / Commissioner

    . Intersession Activity Reports 2014-05-07

    disappearances, assaults, threats and harassments, defamation campaigns and unjustified legal action. Furthermore, it has been observed that restrictive laws are resurfacing with regard to the activities of human rights defenders. These cases apply, among others, to Nigeria, Uganda and Benin. The human rights defenders are also confronted with

    Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

    . Statements on Human Rights in Africa 2012-05-11

    disappearances from Algeria’s civil war are regularly intimidated by the authorities, including the SOS-Disparu(e)s and the Collective of the Families of the Disappeared in Algeria (CFDA), to force them to drop their truth-seeking activities in exchange for indemnity and the issuance of death certificates for their relatives, without any furt

    Commission nationale des droits de l'Homme et des libertés / Chad

    . Decisions on Communications 1995-10-11

    disappearances and torture.

    Whether respondent is in violation of state-party obligations under article 1 of ACHPR.

    Whether the respondent is in violation of the follow

    Resolution on Côte d’Ivoire - ACHPR/Res.67(XXXV)03

    . Resolutions 2004-06-04


    2. Requests the President of the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, National Reconciliation Government and all Ivorian political parties to implement the Linas-Marcoussis agreement;

    Resolution on the Deteriorating Human Rights Situation in the Republic of the Gambia - ACHPR/Res.145(EXT.VII)09

    . Resolutions 2009-10-11

    disappearances of journalists and human rights defenders deemed to be critical of the Government;   Deeply concerned by allegations that on 21 September 2009, H.E. President Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya A.J.J Jammeh allegedly stated in a national television broadcast that he would kill anyone, especially huma

    Resolution on the Situation of Freedom of Expression in Africa - ACHPR/Res.99(XXXX)06

    . Resolutions 2006-11-29

    disappearances, arbitrary arrests and detention of journalists and media practitioners, in some cases incommunicado and for extended period of time without charges or due process;   Particularly concerned about allegations of murder of journalists with impunity, torture and other forms of ill-treatment as well as

    Resolution on the General Human Rights Situation in Africa - ACHPR/Res.207(L)2011

    . Resolutions 2011-11-05

    disappearances of members of the indigenous tribes of these regions;

    CONCERNED further at the continuing grave violations of human rights and humanitarian law in Darfur despite numerous regional and international efforts;

    Resolution on the Human Rights Situation in the Republic of The Gambia - ACHPR/Res.134(XXXXIV)08

    . Resolutions 2008-11-24

    disappearances by State Security Forces, which target human rights defenders, journalists, and all persons suspected of involvement in the attempted coup to overthrow the Government of The Gambia

    Recalling that since the March 2006 attempted Coup

    Resolution on summary Execution and Enforced Disappearance in Mali - ACHPR/Res.258(LIV)2013

    . Resolutions 2013-11-05

    disappearance, arbitrary detention, inhuman and degrading treatment and the cases of torture recorded during investigations conducted by MISAHEL human rights observers, as well as the mutiny that occurred in the Kati military camp on 30 September 2013;


    Resolution on the Deteriorating Situation of Freedom of Expression and Access to Information in Africa - ACHPR/Res.166(XLVII)10

    . Resolutions 2010-05-26

    disappearances, death threats, physical attacks and suspension of journalists and media practitioners; banning or destruction of media houses , and unlawful closure of newspapers that criticise the government;

    Further concerned that many States Pa

    Resolution on Protection against Violence and other Human Rights Violations against Persons on the basis of their real or imputed Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity - ACHPR/Res.275(LV)2014

    . Resolutions 2014-05-12

    disappearances, extortion and blackmail;

    Further alarmed at the incidence of violence and human rights violations and abuses by State and non-State actors targeting human rights defenders and civil society organisations working on issues of sexual

    Resolution on the situation in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic - ACHPR/Res.282(LV)2014

    . Resolutions 2014-05-12

    disappearances, acts of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment of Sahrawi prisoners and failure to respect the right to a fair trial;

    Deeply concerned by the violence to which Sahrawi women and youth fall victim in the occupied territories, part

    Resolution on the Human Rights Situation in the Republic of Burundi - ACHPR/Res.357(LIX)2016

    . Resolutions 2016-11-04

    disappearances, harassment and intimidation of journalists and media professionals, sexual violence, and other forms of serious human rights violations; 

    Concerned by the continuous political impasse and the lack of constructive dialogue between all the stakeholders towards finding a peaceful solution to the cr

    Resolution on the Human Rights Situation in Gabonese Republic - ACHPR/Res.359(LIX)2016

    . Resolutions 2016-11-04

    disappearance of many other people;

    The Commission:

    1. Strongly condemns the post-election human rights violations committed in Gabon;
    2. Condemns all acts aimed at restricting the right to freedom of demonstration and peaceful assembly, including t

    Resolution on the Human Rights Situation in the Republic of Cameroon - ACHPR/Res. 395 (LXII) 2018

    . Resolutions 2018-05-09

    disappearance, arbitrary detention under deplorable conditions, prohibition of peaceful demonstrations and constant insecurity; leading to the displacement of a significant number of Anglophone Cameroonians to Nigeria and thousands of internally displaced persons since the beginning of the crisis without means of subsistence and access to basic nec

    Draft Resolution: Burundi - ACHPR/Res. 396 (LXII) 2018

    . Resolutions 2018-05-09

    disappearances, sexual violence, and harassment and intimidation of human rights defenders, journalists and media professionals;

    Concerned also by the negative impact of the crisis on the population, including in the areas of food, health and security;  

    Deeply concerned 

    Resolution on the Right to Life in Africa - ACHPR/Res.375(LX)2017

    . Resolutions 2017-05-22

    disappearance, and that where it is found that a person has been forcibly disappeared and his/her fate remains unknown, in addition to the violation of other rights, a violation of the right to life has occurred;   Reaffirming the State’s heightened level of responsibility to protect the rights of those it p

    Resolution on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders in Africa - ACHPR/Res.376(LX)2017

    . Resolutions 2017-05-22

    disappearance, denial of the right to fair trial, access to medical care and right to food while in detention, and are forced to go into exile;   Also concerned about the persistence of reprisals against human rights defenders who cooperate with human rights mechanisms;   Noting

    Resolution on the Human Rights Situation in the Republic of Burundi - ACHPR/Res. 412 (LXIII) 2018

    . Resolutions 2018-11-13

    disappearance, acts of torture, sexual violence, unlawful arrest and detention, and other alleged serious human rights violations;

    Resolution on the Continuing Human Rights Violations in the Republic of Cameroon - ACHPR/Res. 405 (LXIII) 2018

    . Resolutions 2018-11-13

    disappearances, summary and extrajudicial executions, abductions and intimidation;

    Concerned by the police repression, marked by prohibition from demonstration by opposition political parties, arbitrary arrests and the violation of other human rights following several cases of disputing of the results after the rece

    Resolution on the Expansion of the Mandate and Composition of the Working Group on Death Penalty and Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Killings in Africa - ACHPR/Res. 408 (LXIII) 2018

    . Resolutions 2018-11-13

    disappearances in the continent, which have in some cases resulted in deaths, and being aware of the need to urgently address this issue, as it is a violation of the right to life; 

    Committed to eliminating violations of human rights on the continent, including enforced disappearances;


    Resolution on the Recognition, Promotion and Protection of Indigenous Languages - ACHPR/Res.430(LXV)2019

    . Resolutions 2019-11-21

    disappearance of some indigenous languages in Africa if nothing is done to ensure their effective promotion and protection;

    Convinced that the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019 has helped to build a good momentu

    Resolution on the Deterioration of the Human Rights Situation in Cameroon during the Covid-19 Period - ACHPR/Res. 442 (LXVI) 2020

    . Resolutions 2020-09-18

    disappearances, summary and extrajudicial killings of civilians, security personnel, administrative and religious authorities, journalists and human rights defenders in the North-West and South-West regions, including the destruction of villages and livelihoods;

    Resolution on the Drafting of Guidelines for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances in Africa - ACHPR/Res. 448 (LXVI) 2020

    . Resolutions 2020-09-18

    disappearances, adopted at its 63rd Ordinary Session held from 24 October to 13 November 2018 in Banjul, The Republic of The Gambia;

    Bearing in mind the Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Fair Trial and Legal As

    Resolution on the Renewal of the Mandate, Appointment of the Chairperson, and Reconstitution of the Working Group on the Death Penalty, Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Killings and Enforced Disappearances in Africa - ACHPR/Res. 456 (LXVI) 2020

    . Resolutions 2020-09-18

    disappearances respectively;

    Acknowledging that twenty-one (21) States Parties to the African Charter have already abolished the death penalty by enacting national legislation and that twenty-three (23) others have not carrie



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