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Commission africaine des droits de l'homme et des peuples

Gambie: 1er Rapport Périodique, 1992-1994

Période couverte:1992 - 1994

Date de soumission:Novembro 03 , 1994

Session considérée:16th Ordinary Session

The Report contains a general description of The Gambia and then provides a description of law and practice with regard to the specific Articles of the Charter.

"With the military takeover [of July 1994], parts of the Constitution of The Republic of The Gambia 1970 has been suspended, however chapter 111 of The Constitution which guarantees civil and political rights is still in force."

Observations finales et recommandations - Gambie: 1er Rapport Périodique, 1992-1994

Adopté à 16ème Session ordinaire Outubro 25 to Novembro 03 , 1994 ,Gambie.

Mozambique: 1er Rapport Périodique, 1992-1994

Submitted:Setembro 01 , 1994

Concluding Observations: Available