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Commission africaine des droits de l'homme et des peuples

Zimbabwe: 2ème et 3ème Rapports Périodiques, 1992-1996

Période couverte:1992 - 1996

Date de soumission:avril 24 , 1997

Session considérée:21st Ordinary Session

The report contains a description of the activities undertaken by Zimbabwe, in particular in the field of legislation, with regard to the implementation of its engagements under the Charter. The various sections of the Report deal with the different Articles of the Charter. Various examples are provided of efforts that are being undertaken by the government to further reinforce human rights. 

Observations finales et recommandations - Zimbabwe: 2e et 3e rapports périodiques, 1992-1996

Adopté à 21ème Session ordinaire avril 15 to avril 24 , 1997 ,Mauritanie.

Soudan: 1er ème Rapport Périodique, 1994-1996

Submitted:avril 24 , 1997

Concluding Observations: Available