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Commission africaine des droits de l'homme et des peuples

Congo: 1er Rapport Périodique, 1982-2000

Période couverte:1982 - 2000

Date de soumission:mai 07 , 2001

Session considérée:29th Ordinary Session

The report contains ten chapters: 

  1.     Profile of the Republic of Congo
  2.     Legal system, system of government and relations between institutions
  3.     Main domestic legislation on the promotion and protection of human rights and peoples
  4.     Main texts related to regional and international human rights to which the Republic of Congo is a party
  5.     Actions taken by the Congo to ensure the effective enjoyment of rights protected by the Charter
  6.     Efforts by the Government to improve conditions for women, children and people with disabilities
  7.     Measures taken to protect the family and promote cohesion
  8.     Efforts in the right to education on human rights
  9.     Difficulties encountered in the implementation of the Charter, given the political, economic and social situation
  10.     Compliance by Congo with the Charter in the conduct of international relations

that this country has known in recent years. 

The return of peace embodied in the cease-fire and cessation of hostilities in November and December 1999, however, is an important step towards restoring the rule of law, democracy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms on a sounder footing. 

Observations finales et recommandations - Congo: 1er rapport périodique, 1982-2000

Adopté à 29ème Session ordinaire avril 23 to mai 07 , 2001 ,Libye.

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