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Comissão Africana dos Direitos Humanos e dos Povos

Tunísia: 1° Relatório Periódico, 1990-1994

Period Covered:1990 - 1994

Data EnviadaJulho 08 , 2015

Sessão Considerada:18th Ordinary Session

The report contains three parts:

  1. General Introduction, with description of legislative and institutional measures taken for the protection and promotion of human rights
  2. Compliance with commitments made by Tunisia
  3. Commitments related to the rights recognized in the Charter

From the introduction: "To ensure the maximum of rights and equal opportunities for all citizens, Tunisia has focused its efforts on ensuring the right to food, employment, health, education, housing, social security, protection of children and family, the emancipation of women as well as the guarantee of freedom of opinion, expression and information, equality among individuals, non-discrimination and the right of association and political organization."

Observações e Recomendações Conclusivas - Tunísia: 1º Relatório Periódico, 1990-1994

Adoptado em 18ª Sessão Ordinária Outubro 02 to Outubro 11 , 1995 ,Cap-Vert.