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Comissão Africana dos Direitos Humanos e dos Povos

República Centro-Africana: Relatórios Inicial e Combinados, 1988-2006

Period Covered:1988 - 2006

Data EnviadaMaio 25 , 2006

Sessão Considerada:39th Ordinary Session

This Report combines ten Reports in the period between 1988 to 2006 and includes:

  • a general overview of the Central African Republic and its commitment in the area of human rights;
  • the political regimes before and after independence;
  • the implementation by the CAR of the rights protected by the African Charter;
  • the measures taken by the CAR to improve the conditions of vulnerable groups, namely Women, Children, the Physically Handicapped and Minorities;
  • the measures taken by CAR to protect the family and its integrity;
  • the measures guaranteeing the respect for the rights of the individual;
  • the difficulties encountered by the CAR in the application of the Charter;
  • the implementation of human rights education by the CAR;
  • the Charter as an instrument of international relations;
  • some information relevant to the application and promotion of the Charter.

From the Conclusion:
"[T]he production of the present initial and cumulative Report in conformity with Article 62 of the Charter is evidence of the firm political will of the current regime to make the promotion and protection of human rights one of its priorities, thereby rectifying the lapses of the former regimes in this area."

Observações Finais e Recomendações - República Centro-Africana: Relatório Inicial e Cumulativo, 1988-2006

Adoptado em 39ª Sessão Ordinária Maio 11 to Maio 25 , 2006 Banjul,Gambie.

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