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Comissão Africana dos Direitos Humanos e dos Povos

Tunísia: 4° a 9° Relatórios Periódicos, 1995-2006

Period Covered:1995 - 2006

Data EnviadaNovembro 28 , 2007

Sessão Considerada:42nd Ordinary Session

"Tunisia, while rejecting the pre-established models in the area of politics, pursues its own efforts in guaranteeing to its citizens the full exercise of the rights provided for by the African Charter... Towards this end, a series of laws were enacted and a set of mechanisms, instruments and practical measures were put in place from 1995 aimed notably at consolidating the rule of law and the political institutions, at the strengthening of intellectual and political pluralism, the protection and promotion of human rights and the consolidation of economic, social and cultural rights."

The report describes the achievements of Tunisia in the field of human rights, according to Articles of the Charter.

Observações Finais e Recomendações - Tunísia: 4º a 9º Relatório Periódico, 1995-2006

Adoptado em 42ª Sessão Ordinária Novembro 15 to Novembro 28 , 2007 ,Congo.

Ruanda: 8° Relatório Periódico, 2002-2004

Submetido:Novembro 28 , 2007

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Argélia: 3° e 4° Relatórios Periódicos, 2001-2006

Submetido:Novembro 28 , 2007

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