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Comissão Africana dos
Direitos Humanos e dos Povos

República Árabe do Egito: 3º Relatório Periódico, 2001-2004

Period Covered:2001 - 2004

Data EnviadaMaio 11 , 2005

Sessão Considerada:37th Ordinary Session

This Report explains Egypt’s contribution to international human rights instruments, as well as the legal framework for the protection of human rights principles in Egypt, within the legal framework of the African Charter. It also indicates the legislative measures introduced for the effective implementation of international treaties and the African Charter. In addition, it deals with the application of the provisions of the Charter and the progress made both at regional and international level.
Achievements are listed by Chapter covering broad categories:
civil and political rights, with sections dealing with particular rights
economic, social and cultural rights, with sections dealing with particular rights
rights of families and other special categories, with sections dealing with particular groups
obstacles to implementing the Charter in the existing economic and social conditions
education, awareness raising and dissemination of information
cooperation between Egypt and Africa
The obstacles are centred on three fronts: illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. Egypt coped with these obstacles through a clear policy expressed via ambitious development plans.

Observações Finais e Recomendações - Egito: 7º e 8º Relatórios Periódicos, 2001-2004

Adoptado em 37ª Sessão Ordinária Abril 27 to Maio 11 , 2005 ,Gambie.