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Comissão Africana dos Direitos Humanos e dos Povos

Congo: Relatórios Inicial e Combinado

Period Covered:2001 - 2009

Data EnviadaNovembro 25 , 2009

Sessão Considerada:46th Ordinary Session

This report follows upon the one discussed by the Commission during its 29th session. It contains an overview of the country and its institutions. The second part gives an overview of the promotion and protection of human rights, including a section on institutional and legal frameworks and a section on areas (civil and political rights, economic and socio-cultural rights, the situation of vulnerable populations and minorities, the difficulties in the implementation of the promotion and protection of human rights). 

In the Conclusion: 

"The course conducted by the Congo in terms of human rights is overall encouraging. In the economic, social, cultural, political, material and human areas, many problems have been addressed, and others are awaiting solution. 

However, if the trial balance can be flattering at this stage of the course, much remains to be done and the road ahead is still long. Many difficulties, the most important of which are institutional, legal and financial, may weaken and paralyze the efforts and actions, if they do not destroy it altogether. 

These problems require a number of suggestions to enhance the action of the authorities and bodies responsible for promoting and protecting human rights. 

The Congolese government should encourage the extension of the various rights of citizens and the training of state officials, especially law enforcement and justice, which are involved in the forefront of protecting the rights of citizens and which are often the cause of human rights violations."

Observações e Recomendações Finais - Congo: Relatório Inicial e Cumulativo

Adoptado em 46ª  Sessão Ordinária Novembro 11 to Novembro 25 , 2009 ,Gambie.

Etiópia: 1° a 4° Relatórios Periódicos, 1998-2007

Submetido:Novembro 25 , 2009

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