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African Commission on
Human and Peoples' Rights

Concluding Observations - Mauritania:10th, 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th Periodic Report, 2006 - 2014

Adopted at 23rd Extraordinary Session February 13 to February 22 , 2018 Banjul,Gambia.


Reporting Obligations

80. The Government should continue to comply with its obligations under Article 26 of the Maputo Protocol by implementing the following recommendations;

Harmonization of national texts with the Maputo Protocol

81. The State should take all measures for the total domestication of the Maputo Protocol through the adoption of legislation and other administrative measures.

Political participation and decision-making

82. The government should continue with its efforts to increase the representation of women in politics and in decision-making bodies, including increasing the quota for women's representation to 30%.

Reproductive Health

83. The Government should provide women access to medical abortion service, where necessary.

Elimination of Harmful Practices

84. The Government should:

i. intensify actions aimed at combating the persistence of the practice of excision underground, in particular by meting very harsh punishments out to persons involved in the practice, including parents and family members.

ii. He should also fight against the practice of force-feeding girls and women.


85. Mauritania should take measures to improve the rate of illiteracy of women and girls through literacy programmes targeted at adult women and also support girls to ensure that they do not leave the classrooms at an early age.


86. The State should:

i. Take measures to reduce the risks of transmission of HIV/AIDS to women;

ii. Undertake awareness-raising campaigns and dissemination of information to the female population concerning the different means of transmission of HIV/AIDS.


87. The Government should provide in the next periodic report all the information on the effective implementation of the recommendations made in these Concluding Observations for these two reports.

Adopted by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights at its 23rd Extraordinary Session, held from 13 to 22 February 2018, in Banjul, the Republic of The Gambia.