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African Commission on
Human and Peoples' Rights

Cameroon: 2nd Periodic Report, 2003-2005

Period Covered:2003 - 2005

Date Submitted:May 26 , 2010

Session Considered:47th Ordinary Session

This Second Periodic Report covers the period 2003 – 2005 and takes into account the positive measures taken by the Government in the area of promotion and protection of human rights until the date of its submission. It indicates the factors and difficulties faced by the Cameroonian government in the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission made during the previous review. 

At the socio-political level, efforts made by the Cameroonian government will be looked at in order to consolidate the democratic gains through the following:


  • The gradual  establishment of institutions provided for by the Constitution (the Constitutional Council, the Audit Office of the Supreme Court, decentralization  ...);
  • The consolidation and improvement of the running of the structures for the promotion and protection of individual freedoms such as the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms, National Elections Observatory (ONEL) and/or Elections Cameroon (ELECAM)

At the economic level, this presentation will review efforts aimed at conceptualizing all the policies that should underpin the economic, social and cultural development of the people. These include:

  • National Governance Programme (PNG);
  • Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), and
  • National Participatory Development Programme (PNDP) 

This report is structured in three parts as follows: Improvement of the legal framework for the promotion and protection of human rights (Part 1); Information on each right or freedom from the standpoint of the applicable articles of the Charter (Part 2), and Follow-up of the recommendations (Part 3).

Concluding Observations and Recommendations - Cameroon: 2nd Periodic Report, 2003-2005

Adopted at 47th Ordinary Session May 12 to May 26 , 2010 ,Gambie.

Rwanda: 9th and 10th Periodic Reports, 2005-2009

Submitted:May 26 , 2010

Concluding Observations: Available