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African Commission on
Human and Peoples' Rights

Zimbabwe: 2nd and 3rd Periodic Reports, 1992-1996

Period Covered:1992 - 1996

Date Submitted:April 24 , 1997

Session Considered:21st Ordinary Session

The report contains a description of the activities undertaken by Zimbabwe, in particular in the field of legislation, with regard to the implementation of its engagements under the Charter. The various sections of the Report deal with the different Articles of the Charter. Various examples are provided of efforts that are being undertaken by the government to further reinforce human rights. 

Concluding Observations and Recommendations - Zimbabwe: 2nd and 3rd Periodic Reports, 1992-1996

Adopted at 21st Ordinary Session April 15 to April 24 , 1997 ,Mauritanie.

Sudan: 1st Periodic Report, 1994-1996

Submitted:April 24 , 1997

Concluding Observations: Available