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African Commission on
Human and Peoples' Rights

Seychelles: 2nd Periodic Report, 1994-2004

Period Covered:1994 - 2004

Date Submitted:May 25 , 2006

Session Considered:39th Ordinary Session

"This work is the result of the endeavour of The Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Humanitarian Affairs Committee to finally, after some years of silence, accomplish its duty of submitting a report under Article 62 of the "African Charter in Human and Peoples Rights" for the implementation of legislative or other measures taken with a view to giving effect to humans rights and freedoms."

The report contains:

  • an introduction to the country and its institutions
  • list of human rights instruments to which The Seychelles is a Party
  • implementation of human rights, listed by Article of the Charter
  • duties
  • problems encountered
  • Article 25 of the Charter

The problems encountered are the following

  • Limited civic education for the whole population at large. There is a need for more comprehensive civic education programs which include as a priority those who are responsible for their application.
  • Although the Government has put into practice a good policy for public health, which had reached good standards, the legislation has not been updated in consonance. There is a need for a more comprehensive health education programs for the population.
  • Up to the end of 2003 the Police Force was deficient. As a consequence the security of the citizens was affected. A comprehensive reorganization of the Police Force is under way with the view to addressing the deficiencies.
  • Domestic violence, including child abuse, continues to increase although is not tolerated by the government or the courts. Steps are under way by the government and civil society to redress the problem.

Concluding Observations and Recommendations - Seychelles: 2nd Periodic Report, 1994-2004

Adopted at 39th Ordinary Session May 11 to May 25 , 2006 Banjul,Gambie.

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