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African Commission on
Human and Peoples' Rights

Botswana: 1st Periodic Report, 1986-2007

Period Covered:1986 - 2007

Date Submitted:November 25 , 2009

Session Considered:46th Ordinary Session

The first part of the document contains an introduction to the History, Geography, Population, Economy, Constitutional structure and Administrative structure of Botswana. The second part contains an overview of the implementation of the Charter, Article by Article.

With regard to the compilation of the document, it is stated that "The Office of the President is responsible for coordinating an inter-ministerial effort towards the preparation of Botswana's Initial Report to be submitted to the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights. The report was prepared by an inter-ministerial draft committee comprising of representation from the Office of the President, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Attorney General's Office, Ministry of Local Government, and Ministry of Education. The draft had been brought before the stakeholder consultative meeting on the 9th and 10th of October 2008. The meeting attracted delegates from a wide spectrum of the Civic Society, Non-Governmental Organisations and Institutions, Government departments and ministries."

Concluding Observations and Recommendations - Botswana: 1st Periodic Report, 1966-2007

Adopted at 47th Ordinary Session May 12 to May 26 , 2010 ,Gambie.

Ethiopia: 1st to 4th Periodic Reports, 1998-2007

Submitted:November 25 , 2009

Concluding Observations: Available

Congo: Initial and Cumulative Report

Submitted:November 25 , 2009

Concluding Observations: Available